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Tam Shek-Wing, A Celebration Exhibit
A Joint Painting Exhibit Celebrating Tam's 80th Birthday


1880_Chan Chiu Yin PortraitCHAN Chiu-Yin was born in Taishan, Guangdong, China. He moved to Hong Kong at a young age and followed many famous master painters, focusing his study on the painting schools of the Song and Yuan dynasties. In 1966, he was invited by the Hong Kong Trade Development Council to exhibit his paintings in New York, New Orleans, Miami and other cities in USA. Along with his fellow painters, Chan founded the Rustic Painters Association in Hong Kong in 1969. After he immigrated to Canada in 1973, he was invited to hold his first exhibition at the University of Windsor. With a few Chinese-Canadian artist-friends, he co-founded the Ontario Chinese Artists Association in Toronto. Throughout the years, his artwork has been shown in Hong Kong, United States, Canada, China, and other places around the world. In 2009, he held his solo exhibitions in Toronto and Kaiping Art Museum, China.

1880_Chan Chiu Yin Painting陳秋言 廣東台山市人,早年移居香港,曾追隨前輩名家專研宋元諸家。1966年應「香港貿易發展局」之邀在美國的紐約、新奧爾良、邁阿密等多個城市舉行畫展。1969年與畫友在香港創立「鄉村畫會」。1973年移居加拿大。曾應加拿大温莎大學之邀,在加拿大舉行第一次個人書畫作品展。並多次參加在香港、美國、加拿大、中國等地舉行之書畫展覽。

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Produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.

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