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Tam Shek-Wing, A Celebration Exhibit
A Joint Painting Exhibit Celebrating Tam's 80th Birthday


1880_Ching Mak PaintingChing Mak, also known as Da Xuan, was born in Macau in 1932 and moved to Hong Kong in 1952. He joined The World of Comics in 1954 and was the founder of Comics Weekly and Comics Daily. Mak was the first organizer of Comics Festival in Hong Kong after the Second World War. In 1972, due to health issues, he stopped drawing comics and began exploring Chinese painting. In the same year, he joined the Gengzi Artists Association. He took nature as an entrance to painting and spent much time with his artist-friends. His works were shown in various joint and solo exhibitions, including Guangdong Provincial Exhibition, the sixth and seventh Chinese National Exhibitions, and a solo exhibition hosted by the U.S. Consulate in Hong Kong. He was also the first president of Convergence. Since moving to Canada in 1992, he has continued to paint and has held a number of exhibitions.

1880_Ching Mak Portrait麥正 麥正名大煊,原籍中國廣東省中山縣小杬鎮。1932年出生於澳門,1952年移居香港。1954年加入「漫畫世界」,及後創辦「漫畫週報」、「漫畫日報」,並辦香港戰後第一屆全港漫畫展。1972年因病停寫漫畫,以園藝為生並開始寫中國畫,加入「庚子畫會」,與畫友遊行寫生,以寫生入畫,並與畫友多次舉辦聯展。曾參加全廣東省美展,入選第六屆,第七屆之全中國美展。美國領事館邀請個展,辦「滙流畫社」為第一屆社長。1992年移民加拿大,專心創作國畫,與畫友聯展,以畫交友,花十年時間創作巨型國畫。


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