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Tam Shek-Wing, A Celebration Exhibit
A Joint Painting Exhibit Celebrating Tam's 80th Birthday


1880_Paul Chun Hugh PaintingPaul Chun Hugh, also known as Jun and Xing, was born in Tai Shan in 1938. He moved to Guangzhou in 1952, and then Hong Kong three years later. He studied many genres under Gao Chaozong, Chen Zhongwen, Chen Lin, Luo Shuzhong, Wan Shangyi and Zhao Shidan. He was also very much influenced by fellow painter friends such as Chen Jinghong, Ding Yangyong. Hugh moved to the United States in 1973 where he has held many solo exhibitions at the East Coast Painting Association. He is known for his landscapes, flora-and-faunas and portraitures. His paintings were widely collected. In recent years he has returned to living in Guangzhou where he teaches and continues to hold exhibitions.

丘丙良名峻,以字行,1938年出生於廣東省台山縣。1952年移居廣州,越三年,復移居香港。甫弱冠即從高朝宗習畫,並隨陳仲文、陳琳二先生習花卉,繼隨南海羅叔重習書法篆刻,又得羅叔重引見中山王商一先生授山水及鑒賞竅門,1880_Paul Chun Hugh Portrait亦隨趙是旦先生習宋元花卉寫生。後又與陳荊鴻、丁衍庸諸名宿遊,廣結風雅之士,深受薰陶,因而在書畫方面識見廣濶,創作以外更精鑑別。1973年移居美國紐約,組美東書畫會,並舉行多次個人展覽。近年歸國定居廣州,設帳授徒,並經常於國內舉行畫展。

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