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Tam Shek-Wing, A Celebration Exhibit
A Joint Painting Exhibit Celebrating Tam's 80th Birthday


1880_Peng Ma PortraitPeng Ma was born in Shandong, China, in 1933. He studied fine arts at the Zhejiang Fine Art Academy in China in the 1950s, and stayed to teach at the academy after graduation. He trained with the famous contemporary Chinese masters, such as Fu Baoshi, Pan Tianshou and Lu Yanshao. Since his move to Canada in 1989, he has not only continued Chinese painting, he has also pursued the Western art forms. His paintings are simultaneously traditional and contemporary, and his brushstrokes vibrant and expressive. In Canada, Ma is known for his paintings as well as his sculptures. He is currently the vice-president of the Ontario Chinese Artists Association.

1880_Peng Ma Painting馬鵬 1933年出生於山東蓬萊。早年就讀於浙江美術學院(現為中國美術學院),畢業後留校任教近三十年。中國畫師從傅抱石、潘天壽及陸儼少等大師。定居加拿大二十多年,隨繼續中國畫之創作外,更潛心研習西方藝術,使其作品既有中國畫之傳統,又富有西方現代繪畫的魅力,他的筆調渾厚、蒼勁、縱情。馬鵬為加拿大著名的畫家及雕塑家,現為安省中國美術會副會長。


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Produced with the support of the City of Toronto through the Toronto Arts Council.

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